YPH - Analizator, Russia

Handheld Raman

Model: ChemXpert


- Handheld Raman Spectrometer for rapid, accurate identification of unknown chemicals including drugs, explosives and toxic substances.

- Identified Chemicals: Explosives in liquid and powder form, Drugs and Narcotics, Toxic solvents, Chemical warfare agents (CWAs), Nitro compounds, Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), Plasticizers, Precursors.

- Laser Wavelength: 532 nm, Spectral Resolution: 5 - 8 cm-1, Raman Spectral Range: 100 - 6000 cm-1, Laser Power ≤ 30 mW.

- Low False-Negative and False-Positive results, Low fluorescence interference, Real-time scanning.

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