BUCK Scientific HPLC


BLC-30P Isocratic Preparative Variable Wavelength HPLC

The BLC-30P from Buck Scientific is an isocratic, preparative HPLC system with variable wavelength detector.

The BLC-30P can be programmed with a flow rate as high as 40 ml/min.

The pump head can also be swapped out for our standard 10 ml/min analytical pump head.

Autoprime one-button purging makes it easy to prime or purge the pump.

The patented low dead volume pulse damper and rapid refill make this single-piston pump virtually pulse-free.

Flow rates from 0.001 to 5 mL/min.; 0.01 to 10 mL/min.; or 0.1 to 40 mL/min. are available.

The digital stepper motor technology and the proven single piston design perform like the most expensive pumps at a fraction of their cost.

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